Wellington Water Blasting


Wellington Water Blasting are the solution for water blasting  in Wellington. Both Fast and professional – our water blasting experts have years of experience.

wellington window cleaning wellington water blastingWe specialise in both commercial and residential water blasting.
Concrete driveways, steps and paved areas in schools and larger buildings suffer from high traffic – our Wellington water blasting experts understand the importance of maintenance and care.

All gutters, fence, spouting, signage, facia and entire shopfronts benefit greatly from water blasting.

wellington window cleaning wellington water blastingAt home, water blasting can clean and help maintain decks, patios, and paths, brick walls, trellis, and pool side areas, keeping your house looking clean; water blasting is cost effective and lifts away dirt and grime.
Please give us a call – we would be glad to answer any questions or supply a quotation.
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wellington window cleaning wellington water blastingOur water blasting expertise extends from tough, applications such as high traffic areas, surface preparation and larger commercial building washes through to delicate softer applications – garden trellis, fencing and soft stone external walls being obvious examples.

“The water blasting service was second to none.”

wellington window cleaning wellington water blastingWe offer water blasting in Wellington with outstanding results at a great value for all our Wellington water blasting clients.

Combined with our house washing (very soft washing techniques – with no water blasters if preferred) and window cleaning service, Wellington Window Clean, will ensure that your house and business look first class.